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The Journey Begins…

Cricket for the blind, a cracker of an idea. A national passion that could dramatically transform lives, alter perceptions and with global possibilities. I certainly could not be falted for my delight and enthusiasm. On my return home from Dehradun I told my wife and friends that I was going to organise the first ever […]

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There Is No Problem Too Big…

Humanities or Science, Engineering, Medicine, Civil services or Law: what was it going to be? My younger daughter had just completed her class X exam. She had to make a choice and it was indeed a major decission for her to make. I have always believed that 16 is a little too early in life […]


Breaking Down Barriers of the Mind

Often, the biggest obstacles are situated in our own minds. It is our thinking that suggests”what we can do and what we cannot do”. It is our mind that determines our understanding of our own potential and limits. SalmaSultan had spent the first 35 years of her life sitting at home doing nothing. She is […]